Introducing Ezy-cache

At Ezyspit we like to make things ezy, like discovering Australia. That’s why we have decided to launch Ezy-Cache.

Ezy-cache is going to be a monthly activity that will take you to some of Australia’s best kept secrets, like out of the way camping sites and places to visit. At the same time we will be giving you the chance to WIN one of Ezyspit’s awesome products.

The concept of Ezy-cache is similar to that of Geocaching. Every month we will be posting the coordinates to a starting point somewhere in Australia. All you need to do is copy and paste these coordinates into google to start your journey of discovery.

At the given location you will discover a place of interest or a campsite that you may not have known about. From this point you will need to use Google satellite images or street view to find a clue that will lead you to the next location. Once again this location will be a place of interest where you will need to find a clue to take you to the final location.   

At the final location you will need to answer a question using information obtained at the location.

To be in the draw to win, simply like and shared the facebook post for that months competition and posted the correct answer in the comments on the facebook page. One lucky person with the correct answer will be drawn at random and will win that month’s giveaway. It’s that Ezy!

You will need to have liked & shared the facebook post and commented with your answer by midnight on the last day of that month to be eligible to go into the draw. The winner will announced the following month on our facebook page. At the same time we will also give you some more information about the locations we sent you to, like attractions to see, camping locations and facilities in the area. 

Ezy-cache starts on on December 1st so make sure to check our facebook page on the day to get the clue and start the hunt.

Good Luck!

Note: The prize can only be shipped to an Australian address so the winner must have an Australian shipping address.

How to play Ezy-cache


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