Two Aussie brothers growing up in the suburbs of Melbourne we both yearned to live in the bush.
Every opportunity we got we would take off into the Victorian High Country or the Outback and would camp for days on end beside a crystal clear stream. As night time fell you would find us cooking over the coals of a nice warm fire whilst gazing into the amazing star filled sky. Life was great for us!
As time went by we both married and had families but we never lost the passion for camping and the great outdoors. Now with two young children each, we found ourselves camping in caravan parks more often as they provide the creature comforts that out wives and children desire. This posed a problem for us as most caravan parks wouldn’t allow a fire unless it was in a properly constructed fire place.Through necessary EZYSPIT was born.
In January of 2011 whilst sitting around a campfire in Silverton N.S.W. enjoying a few beers we came up with the idea of a flat pack BBQ that would fit easily into the back of your 4WD. The design concept was that it had to pack flat, be assembled in less than two minutes and be able to be used as a Spit, BBQ and Fire Pit.
Over the following 6 months many prototypes were built, each one improving on the previous one until we came up with a design that met all the criteria. The result is what you see here today on our website. It’s a compact, easy to assemble Spit BBQ that packs flat for easy transport and storage.


Never ones to allow our minds to sit idle we set about sourcing other outdoor cooking products and ingredients to complement our unique EZYSPIT, all of which are available through our Products Page.
In September 2023 Ezyspit was acquired by Joiman Pty Ltd who are dedicated to maintaining the essence and integrity of the Ezyspit brand, placing a strong emphasis on preserving the high standards of our existing product range and the quality service our customers know and trust. While they do not intend to expand the brand further, they are committed to ensuring the continuity and excellence of the current Ezyspit offerings, focusing on reliability, customer satisfaction, and the environmental benefits inherent in our products. Joiman Pty Ltd values the foundations on which Ezyspit was built and is devoted to sustaining the current successful lineup and service level, serving our loyal customers and preserving the legacy of Ezyspit.

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