Exciting New Product

Exciting New Product

Having trouble starting a fire? Have you ever become frustrated trying to get a fire going in your fire pit? Ezyspit now has the solution for you! Blazaball is an awesome Aussie invention guaranteed to make lighting your fire faster and easier. At Ezyspit we are always looking for ways to make your life easier.… Continue Reading

Slot me together in under 15 seconds

Slot me together in under 15 seconds

slot me together in under 15 seconds! The camping fire pit that goes together is less than 15 seconds! slot me together in under 15 seconds Lets face it, who wants to spend their precious camping time putting together cumbersome camping equipment?  When instead you could be relaxing and enjoying some of Australia’s best camping… Continue Reading

Buying A Camping Fire Pit 101

CAMPING FIRE PIT BUYERS GUIDE A guide to buying the correct Camping Fire Pit to suit your needs and budget. Camping Fire Pit 101 – With the ever increasing popularity in camping and outdoor activities, more and more people are leaving the city behind to explore this wonderful country of ours. Part of enjoying the… Continue Reading

Ezy-Cache December 2017

It’s finally here, Ezy-Cache Launches today! Follow the clues below to find the answer. Once you have the answer simply “like” and “share” the December 2017 Ezy-Cache Facebook post and comment with your answer before midnight on December 31st 2017 to go into the draw to WIN the ES450 Spit BBQ STARTING LOCATION: Coordinates -37.950471,… Continue Reading

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