Why a marinade injector doesn’t work.

marinade injectormarinade injector

So you want to buy a marinade injector …

You’ve been toying with the idea of buying a marinade injector for some time now as you want to inject some flavour and moisture into your cooking.  You order your  injector online from China and eagerly await its arrival. When it finally arrives, some four weeks later, you prepare your favourite marinade and get it into the injector quick smart. What happens next puts you off using the marinade injector ever again.

You insert the needle into your beautiful lamb leg and push down on the plunger expecting your delicious marinade to come oozing out of the meat and filling it with flavour. Instead the injector blocks up because the lemon zest you used is too big to fit down the inside of the needle. Next thing you know you have unscrewed the plunger from the injector in an attempt to clear the blockage. Only to end up with your lovely marinade everywhere except in the lamb leg where it should be.

There is an answer

This is a scenario played out all too often in kitchens around Australia. But there is an answer to the problem.  Ezyspit asked ourselves the question “What’s the use of a marinade injector if the marinade can’t pass through the needle?” Most of the marinade recipes you will find are not specifically designed for use with marinade injectors. That is they contain ingredients that are too big to pass through the needle of your injector.  They don’t tell you that when you buy them. This leads to a lot of frustration and ultimately the marinade injector gets put in that drawer in the kitchen with all the other useless gadgets and never sees the light of day again.

The answer to the question was simple, formulate the marinade recipes with ingredients suitable for use with marinade injectors. So that’s what we’ve done. Our Marinade injectors come with three recipes printed on the product backing card specifically formulated for injecting. We’ve used generic recipes meaning they work equally well with all types of meats. This gives you a base to work from where you can then play with the recipes and create your own unique flavours using your favourite ingredients. Now how EZY is that.

Happy Injecting!


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