Ezy-Cache December 2017

It’s finally here, Ezy-Cache Launches today!

Follow the clues below to find the answer. Once you have the answer simply “like” and “share” the December 2017 Ezy-Cache Facebook post and comment with your answer before midnight on December 31st 2017 to go into the draw to WIN the ES450 Spit BBQ

Coordinates -37.950471, 146.449527

Question – What colour is the bottom portion of the old building in this location?

Hint – G _ _ _ N

Answer _ _ _ _ _
Code    1 2 3 3 4

Coordinates -38.649rr0,143.50n96n

Question – What is the speed limit on the dirt access road?

Answer _ _ kph
Code    a b kph

Coordinates -35.926a88, 145.7b2699

Question – What is the name of the river at this location?

Reply to this post with your answer by midnight on December 31st to go into the draw to WIN the ES450 Spit BBQ. Don’t forget, you need to like and share this post as well to be eligible to win.

A PDF document with the clues can be downloaded from here


Note: The winner must have an Australia shipping address for us to send the prize to.




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