Ezy Combo Kit 600S flat pack fire pit / spit BBQ




The ever popular Ezy Combo kit 600S combines our flagship ES600 flat pack fire pit / spit barbecue with two of our most versatile and popular accessories.

The basis of the Ezy Combo Kit 600S is our mighty ES600 flat pack fire pit / spit barbecue. We then supplemented this with our unique multi functional BBQ Plate. This versatile BBQ Plate doubles as a handy wind deflector. As a result this shortens cooking time and reduces fuel usage. 

Also included is our Cross Bar Kit, allowing you to further enhance the cooking pleasure. The Cross Bar Kit supports all kinds of cookware including camp ovens, fry pans etc.

flat pack fire pit spit bbq

On top of all this you also receive our “10 Of The Bestrecipe book. This cookbook will therefore have you cooking meals that your friends will be talking about for weeks to come.

Ezy Combo 600S flat pack Fire Pit / Spit BBQ

Here’s what we include for your cooking pleasure;

  • ES600 Ezyspit flat pack fire pit / spit BBQ
  • Cross Bar Kit
  • BBQ Plate
  • Carry Bag
  • “10 Of The Best” Recipe Book (electronically)


Additional information

Weight 18 kg
Dimensions 64 × 32 × 10 cm


  1. Jane Rogers

    There’s only one word to describe the Ezyspit 600S firepit and that is fantastic! Simply love it! My kids gave it to me for my birthday – best present ever!

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